Professional dry cleaning and alterations are right in your neighborhood!  
We offer more than twenty-five years experience in the dry cleaning industry. Our employees are committed to the care and quality of your clothing and household items.
We make sure each item is cleaned and cared for in the right way.
Whether it is a suit, dress, slacks, shirt or sweater, your garment or household item will come out looking and smelling like new!

We care about the environment and know that you do, too.
That's why we are the only green dry cleaner in Noblesville.

Our cleaning solvent is made of hydrocarbons and contains NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS! It's safe for you, for your clothes and for our environment.
Our cleaning products are odor-free so your clothes smell fresh and clean - not like solvent.

Our green process is safe for all fabrics - even delicates

Our green process is safe for people and pets

Our green process is safe for our employees

Our green process is safe for the earth

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